Sunday, June 4, 2017 - Simple Savings Card - Discount Prescription Card Review

Simple Savings Card
Looking for a way to get savings off the cost of your prescriptions? If so, then a discount prescription card may help. One website that offers this type of help on medications is

From the Simple Savings Card website it states that you can participate in a free program so you can get savings on your medicines. The discount program may save you up to 60% off the costs of your medications at your local pharmacy.

The discount program is there to help people who do not want to pay full price for their medications. The discounted prescription savings card may provide instant savings when your purchase your prescriptions at your local pharmacy.

All consumers are eligible for the Simple Savings Card. Their website states that the average savings is 26% off, with a potential savings of up to 60% off the cost of your medication.

Simple Savings Card  

The free program is offered by Luscinia Health, and they make it clear that this is a discount program and not insurance. Some of the quick facts about the situation many Americans find themselves in, include that 46 million Americans have no health care coverage and even more than that number have no coverages for prescriptions.

This means that many pay full price for their drugs or go without filling their prescriptions. For a lot of patients, there is a way to reduce the cost of medicines and get a discount.

You can get specific details about the program at the Luscinia Health website, but everyone can use the card and possibly benefit from the discounted program.

You can not use an insurance card and their card at the same time, so it will come down to which offers the most discounts. The card can be used at over 60,000 pharmacies across the U.S.

Drugs and Medications Covered 

Their website states that more than 6,000 prescription drugs and medications are covered by the savings card program. Which means there is a better than good chance that your prescription drugs would be included in the program.

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